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Water supply management system

Process control and monitoring of a spring-fed water supply for an off-grid property
• Monitoring of a spring supply level to auto start/stop a hydraulic ram pump to allow for recovery, avoiding a non-recoverable exception due to air in the drive pipe
• Trigger a maintenance notification if the ram pump stops unexpectedly
• Remote control an electric submersible pump to boost flow rate during high water consumption, ensuring header tank is never fully depleted
• Control measure to protect header tank from overflowing
• Automatically transfer water from secondary supply source to header tank a when spring supply or battery is depleted

Arduino-compatible microcontroller nodes were deployed with ultrasonic sensors to monitor tank levels, Hall effect flow rate meters to verify pumping, and a piezoelectric sensor to indicate ram pump operation. Process control implemented using NodeRED using MQTT as the messaging protocol, with the UI built using NodeRED Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.06.19.png